Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dippers in Kirkmichael

7th March 2010

This afternoon it was a dry and mild day. Sun was hidden behind light cloud and so I went down to the bridge in Kirkmichael to see if the Dippers were arouind. Over the last few days I have noticed them in this particular strech of river, and so yesterday scouted round to see a good position to hide myself and yet be as close to the river as possible. Eventually I found the ideal spot. I would be hidden from view by branches and ivy trailing down to the waters edge. I had to put my camo netting the other side of me to screen me off from view in case they flew downstream. So today, I got myself in position and sat and waited. After about 30 mins, I spotted the first dipper on a rock downstream. He was there just bobbing up and down and then occasionally jumping in the water. Next the other bird flew nearer to me and started to search for food in the water. All the while this little guy was getting closer to me. I was getting excited and hoped my patience in not firing off some quick shots earlier would pay off. It was wonderful to see these birds just plunge into the icey cold water and resurface again. They never quite made it to the ideal rock, where the green moss contrasted the dark brown water and would make a perfect shot, but I didn't mind. I was happy with what I saw and know that as the days get brighter and longer, I will eventually get that perfect shot.
Photo taken with Canon 40D, 400mm f5.6 lens. 1/320sec, f6.3, ISO1000.