Friday, 16 September 2011


Had a most enjoyable day with Alan. Target was to photograph the buzzards that have been coming over the past few days. We were privleged to witness two birds playing with each other...but there was three birds at any one time....the sun even came out for us!

Another shot, the pair were playing in the grass for atleast 10 mins before finding some food....more photos to follow.

After the playful antics, it's back to work hunting for the next meal.

Not long after this shot was taken the other buzzard flew right into it and literally knocked him off the tree to the ground, all part of the play I entertaining to watch!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Birds in Flight

Have been trying some bird in flight photography recently, but the light has been really too bad to get the fast exposures needed. It's felt like Winter with the dark gloom up here in Scotland. Anyway the sun did come out for a few minutes the other day when I was at Lochwinnoch and so managed to capture these two images.