Thursday, 27 May 2010


The Summer is here and the plumage on the Goldfinches is quite dramatic. Flocks appear everywhere feeding on the long grasses. I used my new bean-bag to rest the lens on and feel the shots are greatly improved by eliminating camea shake. Tell me what you think?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lochwinnoch Lesser Redpolls

Dropped the kids off at Ardrossan Ferry as they were going to Arran with some of their friends. I headed down to lockwinnock hoping to see and photograph some Great Crested Grebes. Unfortunately, there wasnt a Grebe to be seen. Not to worry though as I was able to watch a flock of Lesser redpolls coming to and fro to feed.

What amazing colours on these birds. Also their call is quite distinct so you know when they are about.

Spent about six hours in the hide waiting for them to arrive....well worth the wait!!
During this time too I saw over 20 species...more pics will be added soon.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Ken-Dee Marshes, Galloway.

I had an early meeting to attend in Dumfries, and unexpectedly finished by 11am, so I was glad I had packed more suitable clothing and a light lunch as I headed off to RSPB Ken-Dee Marshes. When I arrived I quickly changes from suit and tie to more colours akin with the wilds. When I got to the first hide there were a few Red Sqirrels up at the feeders taking the nuts.

Then a Nuthatch flew in to watch the proceedings. On the pond there wasnt much to be seen except a few Black-headed Gulls nesting on the small island. A couple of lapwing were also about. In the distance I could make out a pair of Canada Geese, and a Redshank feeding by the reeds.
On the feeders were the usual tits and siskin, then all of a sudden a Jay appeared from the woodland and only stayed around for a few seconds and went missing again. A male and female Great-Spotted Woodpecker kept making a show. Just then an Osprey was flying fairly high over the loch, one could just make out the stripe across its eyes, and the familiar wing markings. He kind of flew motionless, and we all thought he was dive down but it must of been a false alarm, so he just took off into the distance...never to be seen (by us) again.

Photography was difficult as the light deteriated, and I was having to shoot a 1000ISO, and set to Manual at f6.3 1/400sec.
Anyway these are some of the better shots taken during the day, with 25 species noted.
Birdlist: Treecreeper, Swallow, Blackbird, Wood warbler, Blackcap, Shovelar, Red kite, Robin, Jay, Siskin, Redshank, Black headed gull, Great spotted woodpecker, Osprey, Blue tit, Great tit, Marsh tit, Nuthatch, Wren, Chaffinch, Lapwing, Buzzard, Mallard, Canada goose, Blackbird.