Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Waxwings in Maybole, South Ayrshire

I was on my way to Ayr as their had been numerous sightings of Waxwings and so as I drove through Maybole I decided to take the back road and just as you leave the town, there on a tree were about 12 waxwings. They were there for about half an hour then another group of about 40 came, communicated to each other and they all flew off North toward Ayr...saving me a trip.
Next time I hope to get the ultimate shot of them eating the Rowan berries :)

Monday, 15 November 2010

Maidens, South Ayrshire

I havent been posting blogs recently, just been too busy with other things but have still been trying to get out when I can. Here are a few images from the past month taken near Maidens.
Today I was in Maybole and got a few Waxwings photos so I will get these up on the blog as soon as possible.
Good to meet Angus Hogg today at Maidens also!

Turnstones. It was a pleasure to watch as the literally turn quite large stones over as thery walk along the shore.

Red Kite. This one was feeding on some roadkill and so as it saw me approach it took to flight.

Golden Plover. There are a couple of hundred of these guys at Maidens at the moment. The sun really shows why they got their name.