Monday, 12 April 2010


Yesterday I wanted to photograph the Wren. I had been walking regulary through the woods near the house and had noticed in one particular area a high density of Wrens. So I began to look for a hiding spot where I had noticed a number of sightings on one particular perch they liked to use. Early morning I went down but I didnt get any decent shots as the strong sunlight was too harsh. I returned later in the day when the light was more difused and so got my little tripod stool set up and covered myself in the camo netting I brought along. After about half an hour my hands got tired of holding the camera and wished I had brought the tripod, but anyway I lowered the camera to take the weight from off my arms. Just then...yes you guessed it, a beautiful little wren starting singing merrily from off the perch. I couldn't believe it, so I slowly moved the camera toward my face to take aim but just then he flew off! Typical. I began to go through the usual "why didn't I do...why didn't I do this.." I was about to pack up and go home, then thought to myself, I will give it 10 more minutes. This time camera up to my face and ready for action. To my suprise I didn't have to wait long, until the little fellow landed again and started to burst forth in song. I manage to fire off about 10 shots and get these images. Only thing I regretted was not having a faster lens. I took the shots at f5.6 the widest aperature my lens would give, hence the very narrow depth of field. Ah well, next time will be better, and will get the tail pin sharp also. Canon 40D, Canon 400mm; f5.6; 1/400sec; ISO 640