Saturday, 26 June 2010

Farne Islands...Puffins Galore!

Last week I went to the Farne Islands, something I had wanted to do for some time. Timing has to be just right. First of all their is only a small window of opportunity, as the Puffins are only present there a couple of months in the year. Then the boats doesn´t always sail if the wind is above moderate. Then even when the wind has calmed down it may take another day or two until the swell of the sea to calm down, to make landing on the islands possible! Then if you are taking photographs, the light has to be good to capture the birds in flight, so you need a fast shutter speed (unless you have a £5,000 low lightlens, which I dont have!). So a lot has to come together all at the right time....and so last Tuesday was one of those perfect days!
I only managed to get a place on the boat due to a cancellation, and when I boarded the boat it was jammed pack with what looked like a seminar of Canon photographers, all with their big 400mm, 500mm lens, Manfrotto Tripods, and hats. (Will tell you later why the the Tern Blog)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Woods at Kirkmichael

A few days ago when it felt truly Summer had arrived (not like today), I took off for a quiet meander through the woods. As I crossed over a field and entered another group of large trees a Buzzard took to flight from off the ground. It landed at a tree in the distance. I didnt pay too much attention as I entered the small group of trees and was able to take a few nice shots of typical local woodland birds. All the while, the Buzzard kept crying out and was joined by another Buzzard, I presume was its mate. Every now and then, one of them would make an inspection and fly away again to the tree. I tried to hide myself and sat for atleast an hour hoping that amongst the trees there was a Buzzards nest and I could get some nice photos. But they must of known I was there and stayed away until I had to leave as it was getting dark. I couldn´t see any nest high in the trees, so maybe I was wrong and was just wishful thinking. Anyway, while I was waiting patiently I was able to take these shots.