Friday, 9 September 2011

Birds in Flight

Have been trying some bird in flight photography recently, but the light has been really too bad to get the fast exposures needed. It's felt like Winter with the dark gloom up here in Scotland. Anyway the sun did come out for a few minutes the other day when I was at Lochwinnoch and so managed to capture these two images.


  1. More great photos Mark! And you see birds that we do not down here in southern Spain. Trust the family are all well.


  2. Mark,
    The two upper images (as many other
    photos that you produce) are brilliant.
    The pose, timing and capture are wonderfull.
    Good background and colors (for both the bird and
    the background). Sharpness is great too and above all it's a great joy.
    Thanks you as a bird lover
    and astarting photographer,