Saturday, 9 July 2011

Red Kites

Went to a feeding station today, but dont think I will be going again. This is the only picture I got of a kite WITHOUT multi-coloured tags on their wings. I know that research needs to be undertaken and its good to see the kites get a helping hand etc...but do the ringers really have to tag, not just on one wing but on both wings and in some cases attach a radio transmitter to the bird also! So my question is: Why two different coloured tags and why on 99.9% on the birds I saw yesterday. Has the ringing gone a little out of hand? I even see rings on blue tits!

Anyway, this was the only bird I could see without a tag. Hope you like.

This other photo is a cheat. I cloned out the 2 tags and the radio transmitter. I set it free to be wild :), although he looks a bit worse for wear...a real scavenger!


  1. I take your point about multi-tagging Mark. However, in defence of the Ringing Scheme we do need to ring as many (all) birds as possible both to study migration movement and such issues as longevity. Nevertheless, great photo of the Red Kite. What speed, aperture and Photoshop program were you using?

    Best wishes and keep the good photos coming

    Bob Wright

  2. Hi Bob thanks for the comment. The photos were taken using a new lens (2nd hand, but new to me) Canon 500mm f.4 IS USM. at ISO400, f7.1, 1/640. Just used Photoshop Elements.
    Glad you like.